COVID-19 Pademic dry ration kits distribution

Millions of poor laborers are struggling to access food and Rations during the covid lockdown. The initiative was launched to help the daily wagers who have lost their livelihood due to the COVID – 1 9 pandemic. HHF provided ration kits to the poor families who are penniless due to the lockdown. Distributed 2 lakh ration kits equivalent to 2 crore meals, across 36 cities under its ‘Dry Ration Distribution’ initiative. In the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, Healthier Hearts Foundation has been relentlessly reaching out to poor and marginalized communities and helping them with ration and hygiene kits. While everyone is facing issues, in the urban areas there are certain communities that are especially in need. For example the migrants. And Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odessa, Tamilnadu is a place where a lot of people come to work from the other states. We are thankful to everyone who has donated so far and are making sure your contribution, no matter how big or small reaches a family in need. However, the number of daily wagers and livelihoods affected by the lockdown is uncountable and we will continue to work towards relief for our fellow citizens in the days to come.

COVID-19 Hygiene Kits distribution

(Behind Every Mask there is a Heart)

As India fights the global COVID – 1 9 Pandemic, there are millions of poor Indians who don’t have access to SOAPS, SANITIZERS, and MASKS. The number of confirmed cases is on a steady rise and the death toll is gradually increasing. To contain the spread of the virus and flatten the curve, the crucial step is to maintain the required hygiene standards. In a large section of the country, the vulnerable and downtrodden communities have little or no access to the sanitation standards and amenities required to prevent Coronavirus. Hygiene kits are all it takes to help thousands of poor families, abandoned elderlies, urban slum dwellers, poor cancer patients, and many other sin need. We provided hygiene kits to thousands of underprivileged families across India.

Hand sanitizer, Face Mask, First Aid Kits Distribution & Covid Awareness Programs

  • Slums of Hyderabad and Govt. Schools 1000 Hygiene Kits Distribution.
  • Conducted awareness programs about COVID-19 and precautions to fight with the coronavirus
  • Necessity of Wearing masks, Sanitization of hands repeatedly & maintaining social distance
  • Why should we get Vaccinated awareness to the rural and urban areas

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