“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

To touch million hearts by 2030, through custom-designed inclusive Heart Screening & Health Awareness seminars, Health camps, Workshops and campaigns for the Urban, Rural & Tribal areas across the Country.

  • To run awareness programs for increasing knowledge of preventive and primary health care.
  • To bridge the gap between medical expertise and the attention required hearts.
  • To extend financial support to the poor in meeting life-saving medical expenses.


Healthier Hearts Foundation conducts Health & Awareness camps in various localities after consulting with local stakeholders, and District/Village Medical Officials. The Camp provides an opportunity for one and all to avail facilities such as free heart check-ups, ( ECG, 2D ECHO ) blood tests, General physician and Cardiologist consultation, and free distribution of medicine.

Awareness Program

Low awareness is found to be one of the primary reasons for not taking up preventive care for most of life-threatening diseases such as Cardio Vascular disease (CVD). Healthier Hearts Foundation organizes need-based community initiatives to address local area health awareness and preventive care. The programs also empower local volunteers by training them to address their local needs time to time. 

Free Medicine Distribution

As a follow-up measure after conducting Health Check-up camps, Healthier Hearts Foundation provides free medicine, medical equipment such as a Home Oxygen kit, and breath inhalers and arranges for free treatment at participating hospitals. Our all activities are transparent.

School Health Camps

Healthier Hearts Foundation used to organize general health checkup camps at different primary schools to promote health, hygiene, and VACCINATION. Health checkup is carried out with the purpose of early detection of growth-related deficiencies and general health of children. To support and supplement special health-related activities and prevention programs such as sanitation and methods of providing safe drinking water. To make the people conscious through basic literacy, hygiene, nutritional and environmental education.

Rural India Health Awareness

  • Identification of specific needs in villages and rural areas
  • Providing basic education to rural masses Attending to basic medical needs and health emergencies
  • Relief and rehabilitation for victims of natural calamities
  • Taking benefits of Information Technology to villages

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