Hyderabad Flood Relief

On 13th October 2020 In Hyderabad, during the day one witnessed the usual waterlogged roads and flooded basements. But soon the situation took a turn for the worse, as one neighborhood after another went underwater. The city which received an average rainfall of 69.1 cm in a year had seen parts of it receive 28 cm on this particular day alone.

The city as well Telangana received unusually excessive rainfall October 13-14, 2020, due to a deep depression that developed in the Bay of Bengal. Heavy damage to property, roads and human lives has been reported. Hyderabad has a long history of existence. It is more than 400 years old.

Healthier Hearts Foundation started Immediate Relief work provided

  • Food & Shelter  
  • Cleaning up of Streets & Homes
  • Medical Camps
  • Household items (Groceries)
  • Medicine Distribution (BP, Sugar and other elements)
  • Hygiene Kits (COVID Related)
  • Financial Help to needy

Healthier Hearts Foundation team 11,120 Cooked Meals were served to people during the rescue efforts, 600 Grocery Kits that can last a family of 5 for 10 days were home delivered to people in the worst hit areas, 1,500 patients spread over 5 medical camps were treated for waterborne diseases. Approximately 200 Tons of waste was cleaned up from the streets, 60 Volunteers worked for 10-12 hours daily to complete the clean up. Gas Stoves – 100 Utensil Kits – 500 Mats – 250 Cleaning Kits – 200, Hygiene Kits-500, Medicine 520 kits distributed to needy.

As per our survey Flood Situations in Hyderabad:

Flood affected areas Osman Nagar, Lingojiguda, and Rajendranagar received very heavy rainfall ranging between 12-19 centimetres. Other localities receiving heavy rainfall include Saidabad, Musheerabad, Bahadurguda, Charminar, Kapra, Marredpally, Nampally, and Asifnagar.

Overflowing waters from lakes flooded surrounding colonies with a force that brought down walls, overturned parked vehicles of all sizes and carried them afar, and mangled steel shutters of shops. About 37 people died in Hyderabad alone, by drowning, electrocution, and by being buried under a wall collapse.

Water levels in some neighborhoods reached 12 feet. At Nadeem Colony in Tolichowki, one of the first settlements to report rising waters, boats were deployed to rescue people and move them to safer grounds. As ground floors submerged, residents had to scamper to first or even second floors for safety.

Several localities such as the Al Jubail colony and Uma Narasimha Nagar in Kompally continued to be under several feet of water even after the rains stopped. When the waters receded from areas such as Hafiz Baba Nagar and Al Jubail Colony, they left behind huge mounds of trash and mangled vehicles, and houses covered in mud. Standing crops in several parts of Telangana were also damaged.


Hyderabad faced heavy rain on October 13th 2020. The one day rain caused havoc across the city. Many people lost their lives and property. Healthier Hearts Foundation reached the ground to support the victims. Over 15000 people were evacuated from low-lying areas between October 13 and 19 October 2020.

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