Diaster Aid: Jammu & Kashmir Floods in 2014


In the Year 2014, September, floods in Jammu and Kashmir region had completely devastated the life in 8 districts of Kashmir and 3 districts of Jammu. Approx. 60 lakh people were directly affected and many more were indirectly affected. This was the first urban flood which had completely paralysed the capital of a state, disrupting not only administration but also the spinal cord of state health system.

Healthier Heart Foundation implemented a disaster response project for the affected areas, irrespective of caste, creed & community. Healthier Heart Foundation team went to flood zone with tons of food materials, medical aid and other livelihood assets. We have conducted our campign from 30/09/2014 to 10/10/2014. We worked with our medical team :Jammu Srinagar, Lalchowk, Rajbagh, Sultabpura, Baramulla,Shalini, Bemna Nagar Hamdania Colony. We have screened so far 10,000 patients. Our team includes MBBS Doctors (4), Pharmacist (10) and other Paramedical staff. We have distributed Free Medicine Distributed, food and baverages conducted distaster prepared awarness programs.

In the News: https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-jammu-and-kashmir-floods-united-states-pledges-250000-for-jammu-and-kashmir-floods-affected-2016706

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